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NFL Draft 400: Ranking the Draft’s Top Specialists

Posted on April 21, 2017 at 11:06 AM

By Matt Miller

The 2017 NFL draft class features elite talents at the top of the board in Texas A&M’s Myles Garrett and LSU’s Leonard Fournette. After that? This is one of the deepest classes in the six years I’ve been scouting at Bleacher Report.

Stacking the board top to bottom for the ’17 class was no easy task. There are a record-breaking number of first-round talents on my board. Outside of Round 1, it was easy to imagine putting 60 of the top players into the top 40. If you can’t find starters in Round 4 of this class, you’re doing it wrong.

So who is the best overall? How about the best at each position? The goal of the NFL Draft 400 series is to figure that out.

The top 400 players were tracked, scouted, graded and ranked by me and my scouting assistants, Marshal Miller and Dan Bazal, and Connor Rogers. Together, we viewed tape of a minimum of three games per player (the same standard NFL teams use). Oftentimes, we saw every play by a prospect over the last two years. That led to the grades, rankings and scouting reports you see here.

Players were graded on strengths and weaknesses with a pro-player comparison added to match the prospect’s style or fit in the pros. The top 400 players will be broken down position by position for easy viewing before the release of a top-400 big board prior to the draft.

In the case of a tie, players were ranked based on their overall grade in our top 400.

Here are the top specialists for the 2017 draft at the end of the month.

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